Jackson Reed


Seattle University - OF ('22-present)

For me, it [Baseball Northwest] benefited me in my game and also in my networking tremendously. Every coach I had was so knowledgeable about the game that I always came away from a BBNW event learning something. Furthermore, being a kid from Boise Idaho inevitably made the networking process pretty hard. With the help of BBNW, I was able to get my profile out there to show to numerous college coaches, along with getting to meet new future teammates and rivals that I will share friendships with for the rest of my life along the way.

I would tell them that it [Baseball Nortwest] is completely worth it. Even if you are not going and playing tournaments, at least going to a prospect camp to get your stats and videos taken to be put up on the BBNW website could be the deciding factor of why a college coach knows about you or never hears about you.