Isaac Hill


My experience with BBNW was great. It’s really what kick started my journey to college ball. All the staff that put in the efforts to organize, teach, and provide an organization for kids with dreams and goals to play college and pro ball, I can’t thank them enough. Being able to travel and play against kids from all over the NW as well as traveling the country on the national team are some experiences I will never forget. Getting that kind of exposure is extremely important.

I highly recommend doing Baseball Northwest, not only for recruitment and exposure purposes but also as a way to create relationships that genuinely last forever. I’m currently playing ball at Oregon state with kids that I played with when I was a freshmen at baseball NW. 

Get in it early! Don’t wait til ur last year to do it, get in it early to start getting your name out there asap! Build your own name and own it! No matter where you’re from, small town or big city, if you perform the scouts will find you, trust the process and know that when playing for baseball NW you are surrounded by so much knowledge and wisdom about the game of baseball in all areas. Take advantage of it!