How Does the BAR Work?

How does the BAR work?
Baseball Northwest developed a series of sports-related athletic tests designed to capture the key aspects of athleticism in baseball. The Baseball Athletic Rating, or BAR, combines individual tests into a single percentile representing an athlete’s overall athletic ability. Your BAR score will show you how you rank compared to all athletes in your region that were tested in that particular year.
If you test twice in one particular year, your best score on each individual test in that year will be combined for your best BAR score.

What does the BAR test?
The BAR evaluates a baseball player’s explosive speed, agility/quickness, and rotational power.  
The 5 tests performed are:

1.              60 Yard Dash (Laser timed)
2.              30 Yard Dash (Laser timed)
3.              Broad Jump
4.              L-Drill
5.              Medicine Ball Throw (6 lbs)

What do I do with my BAR score?
What you can measure, you can improve!

Now that you have your BAR, you have a snapshot of your overall athleticism level.  Next step, set athletic goals and implement ways on how to improve in the desired tested area(s).

Disclaimer: The BAR is just one tool of many that Baseball Northwest staff uses to evaluate you as player. A high BAR score does not automatically guarantee you an invite to a Baseball Northwest event.

Where can I find protocols for the BAR?
Players can find all BAR protocols here: