Leo Reeves


I would tell anyone to play with BBNW given the doors it opens for future events and tournaments. Attending one PEC opened the door for me to play in the BBNW championships in front of a countless number of college coaches, while also giving me the opportunity to receive an invitation to play with BBNW at events in Florida and Arizona. The network BBNW is a part of is amazing and attending just one event opened the door for me to compete in front of so many scouts and coaches at the national level. 

BBNW was how I got in front of college coaches whom I never would have had the opportunity to play in front of had it not been for BBNW. Every BBNW event offered me the opportunity to grow my network given the exposure I received to both college and professional coaches and scouts. 

BBNW was an amazing playing experience. Every year with BBNW I got to learn from an array of college coaches at both the BBNW championships and the PECs. Playing with BBNW at tournaments in Arizona and Florida offered me the opportunity to play in some of the best baseball I've ever been a part of, while receiving coaching from college coaches. The talent level and recruitment that BBNW has exposed me to has played a major part in my development.