Brooks Rasmussen


Metropolitan State of Denver - OF ('24-present)

During my time with BBNW I feel I really enjoyed how many coaches and professionals they surrounded me with. I had the opportunity to hear a lot of different baseball minds speak. I feel that variety of knowledge helped me excel both physically and mentally in the game of baseball.

My experience with BBNW was very good! I was fortunate enough to take trips down to Arizona and represent the BBNW staff in a tournament and felt they really pushed me to be the best player I could be by surrounding me with competition that pushed me to work harder for success.

For people considering playing with BBNW, I think it is in their best interest to jump on the opportunity. You’re only a high school athlete for a short time. Participating in a BBNW event only helps you put your name out there. They always have coaches there to watch, help players, and even scouts to help players with exposure. 

Anybody out there should know that Coach Warner and the rest of the BBNW staff are expanding NW baseball to higher levels of play. The opportunity only presents players with chances to be the best player they can be but also a great person off the field.