PEC – Missoula, MT – June 12, 2017



Location: Missoula, MT

Facility: Ogren Park at Allegiance Field

The Prospect Evaluation Camps include a pro-style workout consisting of batting practice, fielding, catching, and pitching; Baseball Athletic Rating testing; and Sports Video Northwest video clips of each individual player.  By attending a Prospect Evaluation Camp, a player will receive a player profile on the Baseball Northwest website with their video clips, BAR score, and velocities from the workout uploaded to their profile. These profiles can be sent to college coaches and scouts for recruiting purposes.

If you have trouble registering or have questions unanswered by the FAQ page, please contact us at

Pitcher Only: Players who register as a Pitcher only will only BAR test and throw live to hitters in the scrimmage. Video is still included. 

Position Player: Players will try-out and have video recorded for their primary positions only, unless your primary or secondary position is pitching. For example, a player can tryout as a pitcher/outfield or outfielder/pitcher but can not tryout for both outfield and third base.

* Required Field


Please select your PEC date

Please select your best position

Please select your second best position. Players who register as Pitcher Only should select N/A

Select your dri-fit jersey size

Fully edited, personalized, video by Sports Video Northwest with multiple camera angles and slow motion to show your best reps, arm strength, accuracy, and more. If not selected, you will still have unedited, single camera angle video posted onto your BBNW profile. ($300 value)

Refunds will only be processed for players who cannot attend a Baseball Northwest event due to a season-ending injury. Refunds will not be processed under other circumstances unless deemed necessary by Baseball Northwest.

I approve of my child’s participation at all Baseball Northwest, Inc sponsored activities. I clearly represent to Baseball Northwest, Inc. that my child is in good health and physically capable of participating in any and all activities sponsored and associated with Baseball Northwest, Inc. I understand that Baseball Northwest, Inc., its staff members, associates, workers, and anyone associated with Baseball Northwest, Inc. is harmless and release them from any and all liability for injury as a result of my child’s participation in any activity sponsored by Baseball Northwest, Inc. This release of liability by me is based upon the recognition that sport activity of any kind or nature clearly involves the risk of injury or hazards to the participants and spectators and I acknowledge that my child and I assume such risks when we participate in activities sponsored by Baseball Northwest, Inc.

The parents and player agree to abide by all the above, and also agree to give Baseball Northwest, Inc the right to talk to or release information to any or all college programs, Major League teams, scouts, Sports Video Northwest, and to put the player’s profile and video on the internet. No personal information (address, email, phone numbers) will be visible on the website. This information will only be given to college coaches, Major League scouts, and Sports Video Northwest.