PEC - Wilsonville, OR - July 26-28, 2021

What to bring:

  • Baseball pants (gray or white), hat, socks, belt
  • Helmet, wood/composite wood bat (aluminum bats are acceptable), glove, catchers gear (if applicable)
  • Baseball cleats and turfs
  • Lunch or snack
  • Water or sports drink
  • Baseball Northwest will provide a dri-fit top.

How many positions can I tryout for? 

There are three registration options – Pitcher Only, Position Player, and Two-Way Player. A Pitcher Only will just workout as a pitcher at a discounted rate. Players who choose to workout as a Pitcher Only will not take batting practice or workout at a position in the field. Those who register as a Position Player are allowed to workout at ONE fielding position. This should be the primary position you train and play in your Spring/Summer season. Those who consider themselves to be a pitcher and position player can register as a Two-Way Player which will allow them to workout at one fielding position and pitch.

Can I attend a PEC with a different grad class?

Yes. It is ideal if you are able to attend on the day of your grad class but if due to game schedule, etc. you need to attend with a different grad class it is okay to do so. During registration be sure to select the date you plan to attend (even if it doesn’t show your grad class).

Where will rainout information be posted?

We will post any rainout information on our website or social media accounts.


What is the BAR and how does it work?

Baseball Northwest and Trice Athletics have developed a series of sports-related athletic tests designed to capture the key aspects of athleticism in baseball. The Baseball Athletic Rating, or BAR, combines individual tests into a single percentile representing an athlete’s overall athletic ability. Your BAR score will show you how you rank compared to all athletes in your region that were tested in that particular year. If you test twice in one particular year, your best score on each individual test in that year will be combined for your best BAR score.

What does the BAR test?

The BAR evaluates a baseball player’s explosive speed, agility/quickness, and rotational power.  The 5 tests performed are:

  • 60 Yard Dash
  • 30 Yard Dash
  • Broad Jump
  • L-Drill
  • Medicine Ball Throw (6 lbs)

What events does attending the Prospect Evaluation Camp make me eligible for?

  • Northwest Championships
  • Prospect Games
  • Arizona Fall Classic
  • Wilson Premier Classic
  • Perfect Game: World Series, WWBA World Championship, Northwest Showcase
  • Prospect Wire: North vs. South
  • Area Code Team Tryout (Kansas City Royals)

Does the PEC location I attend affect which team I may get invited to play for at the Northwest Championships?

No. Players are selected for teams based on their schools geographical location or position. You may occasionally be invited to play for a team out of your region, this is done to maximize playing time.

Is it advantageous to attend more than one PEC?

No. All PECs are structured the same.

When do PEC invites go out?

Invites are sent out via email beginning in February and continue to be sent throughout the summer. PECs are open to any and all players interested in playing college baseball.

How do I get an invitation to a PEC?

Have your coach, a college coach, or scout email us a brief recommendation on your behalf to [email protected].