Top Prospect Lists

*Please email Josh Warner ( with any misspellings or incorrect school listings in the Top Prospect Lists below.

Baseball Northwest’s ranking of Northwest players is done to highlight the region’s top prospects as evaluated by the Baseball Northwest professional evaluators. It is done to promote and inspire players, and also to promote the game.

Some college and high school coaches and professional scouts are consulted, but the final lists are put together by the Baseball Northwest staff as a whole. The lists do not reflect the opinion of any specific high school, college, or professional organization.

The evaluations are done with the ---LONG TERM POTENTIAL OF A PLAYER IN MIND- in other words, the potential of a player at the next level—not necessarily the success or stats of a high school player.

All players listed have been seen by the Baseball Northwest staff to be evaluated - even if the player has not attended a Baseball Northwest event - although nearly all have done so. Baseball Northwest understands the difficulty in ranking players, but no one sees all these players as much as the Baseball Northwest staff. Players develop at different rates and at different times. The complete ability of the player is taken into consideration, including their desire to play and improve, because this has proven to make a difference in their long term development. Players are generally listed at the position or positions they will likely play at the next level.

BBNW has a history of tracking the top players. We consider many more players than those that appear on our lists. We are likely to miss a player that should be considered. Note that we will continue to add or subtract from the list throughout the year and as we conclude Prospect Evaluation Camps and the Northwest Championship Tournaments in August.

Please email us if you would like to recommend a player in any class for consideration. Enjoy the lists—it takes many hours to compile. Rely on Baseball Northwest for information found nowhere else. Please obtain permission from Baseball Northwest for reproduction of all or any part of this information.

Our top prospect lists are still being finalized and will be in early February.